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Blumenthal Photography
Wedding Photography


Nelson Mandela, Leyton Hewitt and Jodi Gordon have all gone with Blumenthal as their photographer of choice. Our brand is popular with couples seeking candid, elegant photography with studios in both Sydney and Melbourne



The moment they take their first steps, the adoring look between mother and baby, a romantic moment between a couple in love. It's capturing these moments that has made us Australia's leading portrait photographer.



Over the years Blumenthal has been approached by many companies from fashion designers and architects, to corporate financial institutions for their commercial photography. The one element they all recognise is that our images are very unique.


Award Winning Wedding Photography
Sydney, Melbourne, Worldwide

With over 15 years of experience in wedding photography and a comprehensive portrait and corporate portfolio, boasting global and celebrity clients - Blumenthal is the leading choice for individuals looking for a professional studio that is unsurpassed in sheer talent and style.

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The Blumenthal image is a distinct one. Easily recognized by the richness of sentiment and emotion - our highly experienced team of Sydney and Melbourne based photographers strive to capture an image that is in essence, a beautiful illustration of the moment.

With a distinct natural style, eye for lighting whether sunshine or rain, we’re able to craft photographs that are beautiful regardless of the conditions, making us the leading choice in the industry. Our professionalism and experience also allows us to flawlessly merge in to any major occasion, which allows the individuals to truly enjoy their surroundings producing the natural images that we are so highly regarded.

Your dedicated photographer also understands that your requests and comfort is to always be at the forefront, thus creating a relaxing environment where you and your loved one’s true personalities can shine.

Our incomparable eye for the smallest of details whether it be a fleeting glance between a couple or the texture of a bouquet, also means that every moment is captured.

Blumenthal’s state of the art photographic and postproduction service also ensures that our images are of the highest quality; We understand the importance of wedding photographs as not only images but as archival stories meant to be shared and treasured throughout generations. Our individually designed and custom bound leather albums will last a lifetime or two.

With previous clients extending from Australian Tennis and Cricket legend Leighton Hewitt and Ricky Ponting, AFL superstars Jarryd Roughhead & Chris Tarrant to Australian tennis legend Leighton Hewitt, High profile celebrities in the likes of Jodie Gordon, businesswoman Roxy Jacenko, actor Russell Crow and global revolutionary Nelson Mandela – Blumenthal Wedding Photography is a brand worth choosing.